Image Rescue 1.11

Image Rescue can restore your lost files from your memory card
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Lexar Media, Inc.
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Image Rescue is a program that can restore your lost files from your memory card.
It can do this from any brand or type of memory card or reader.

The program will begin by scanning your system for attached drives. It will then show you a selectable control that will let you select the memory card you want to scan. It will give you information about the devices´ model number, revision, size and the device to it is attached. Once you have chosen the desired device, you can begin with the scanning process.

While scanning the device, the program will show you thumbnails of the found image files, and icons representing the audio and video files. At the end of the scanning, you will have the opportunity to choose which of the found files you would want to recover. The program will let you print any of the thumbnails it shows.

Image Rescue is also able to save all the memory contents into just one archive. It will let you view the contents of the card. You can use this program to erase the card or format it.

The demo version of this program will not let you recover lost files, erase or format hard disks or save the contents of a card into an archive file.

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  • It really finds those files that were deleted from the memory


  • The demo version does not allow to recover anything, format or erase the media, or save all the contents into a file


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